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You might remember that I wrote this guest post for Jacquelyn of Just Jacq a few weeks back. I actually was revisiting these ideas lately – and found this quote that really spoke to me. I am re-publishing the post – I hope you enjoy!

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loving the body you have

Let me tell you some things about myself:

  • I don’t tan.
  • My hair is halfway wavy (in not the good way).
  • My legs aren’t long and lean.
  • I gain weight too easily in my mid-section.
  • I have bad vision.
  • I have an acne-scarred complexion.

I am a little shocked that I just told an entire internet all about my messed-up self. I know that’s not normal – but I wanted to share something that I am learning:

I know women are notorious for comparing themselves. I know, because I do it every time I walk into a room. Who has the more beautiful outfit? Who is thinner? Who is tanner? Who “has it together”? The truth is, that we are given one body. And every body is totally different. Some women just are long and lean. Some are just naturally athletic. Some have perfect hair right when they step out of the shower. And, the sooner I realize that that isn’t me, the better.

I have recently realized that I perpetually dangle this “perfect me” carrot in front of my own nose. If I just get that new tanning lotion – or if I work out every day – I will eventually get there. And I am learning that that is a lie. Yes, products do improve us a bit. And good food and exercise are always beneficial. But, I will never have Maria Menounos’s body. Let’s just face it.

I turned 30 this year – and have discovered my first grey hairs. I am starting to realize that my husband and I might be that couple with bad backs and bad knees. I might never feel “on top of it” when it comes to my ideal summer body. I might always struggle balancing my working out and chocolate. And you know what? I am ok with it. I realize that you are given one body. And it is a gift. So why do I continually want to change it?

I am discovering more and more as I get older that beauty doesn’t come from what you have – but by how you handle what you do have. Are you thankful? Do you believe you were put on this earth with a purpose? Do you believe that you are beautiful? I truly believe that a woman is beautiful when she is humble about who she is – and confident in the body she has.

I am learning that that is incredibly rare. And, I am so grateful to be learning this lesson now.  Leave comments sharing how you are loving the body you have!  We should make this an official blog conversation :).