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My Cyber Monday Strategy

Well, I confess, I am not a Black Friday shopper.  That whole idea does not appeal to me at all – and it kinda just makes me want to avoid every store altogether.  But, Cyber Monday?  I can get behind that!  I don’t do wild and crazy shopping, but I do love to get a […]

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Simple Father’s Day Gifts

I adore Father’s Day. And I adore my Father. And sometimes it is nice to give simple gifts to show our love and appreciation. Don’t have a never-ending bank account? Here are some ideas to honor the special father in your life! 1. This framed map artwork could cost you $84, or you could cut […]

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Just a little note! Until now, blog readers have been able to use Google Reader for all their blog-reading needs :).  But, there is (sad) news about it retiring in July.  There are many options for blog-reader replacements, but my favorite so far is Bloglovin. Bloglovin does a good job transferring over your Google Reader reading […]

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