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The Five Minute Facial

Five Minute Facial

It is hard to leave a a 3-day weekend and head back to the office. This morning I needed an immediate pick-me-up! I only had a few extra minutes, so I relied on my favorite skincare treatment: the Five Minute Facial. This is my favorite weekly splurge – either on a lazy weekday night before […]

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A Shameless Love of Amazon

You might want to call me an Amazon woman. (Any laughs? Too nerdy for this blog?) Seriously, I am. I have found (with my intense love of a good deal), that I can usually get a steal on amazon.com. If I am not getting a huge discount, I am at least saving myself the work […]

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3 Ways to Zap a Cold

I woke up this morning with that dreaded scratchy throat. This might be my fourth cold this spring – really? That’s a lot of colds. Oh well. I immediately put in effect my three-part cold-busting routine. I have found three things that really shorten my colds – and so I definitely need to share them […]

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Favorite tips for Gel Eyeliner

It’s time for eyeliner again! Just to remind you, this is not my strong suit – just something I want to perfect! Last time, I mentioned two easy ways to implement eyeliner without ending up with a deep, dark hole, and this time I am going to attempt to tackle gel eyeliner. While pencil eyeliners […]

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Got ShoeDazzle?

  I have a secret monthly shoe club. Well, actually, that’s what I tell people when they comment on my gorgeous shoe collection. It sounds pretentious to have a collection of shoes picked out for you monthly available at a super low price, but that’s exactly what ShoeDazzle is! ShoeDazzle was created by Kim Kardashian, […]

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