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I have a problem. I can’t stop re-creating this site! I have known for awhile that this blog was in desperate need of some organization. I am such a design tinkerer, that the more I tinkered, the more I lost sight of the point. It is so easy to forget the purpose of your blog. So much so, that I really never viewed this site through the eyes of a new reader.

With this new design, I wanted everyone – especially the new reader – to know the purpose of this blog. Because this blog is so varied in it’s topics, I was pretty clueless in how to streamline and re-focus A Modern Commonplace Book. I can tinker with code, but I am no creative business strategist!

I was considering hiring someone for their business savvy. But, I don’t have a large (or any) budget, and was really stumped.

So to my great excitement, a friend of mine here asked if I wanted to talk trading services with her. She is a blogger for South Carolina news (you can see her awesome site The Carolina Ledger here) and was needing some design services.

I had never considered trading services, so of course we needed to get coffee and talk about it. Right? It was so great to talk out how this would work. If individually she got design work on her site – and I received business advice – each of those would cost hundreds of dollars. Instead, we decided to decide our rate for each service and just make sure our services to each other cancelled each other out. Make sense?

I did hours of work on her site, and in return she analyzed my blog, gave me full feedback, and came up with a tagline for my site! I desperately needed her advice – and the tagline she suggested for me, “The Companion to Simplified Living” is so spot on!

trade services for business advice printable spreadsheet

She also gave me feedback for this new design. I needed a second set of eyes to help with organization, fonts, etc. Please let me know what you think – and if there is anything else I can add to make this site reader-friendly!

I wanted to share with you a spreadsheet I made to help you trade services for business advice and help. Under “Work Done” the columns tally how much each partner has charged, and how much they owe (to keep the tally even.) It’s not super fancy, but is really helpful to keep everything organized!

Leave comments and let me know if you’ve traded services in the past!

Download Trading Services Spreadsheet Here
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