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Who doesn’t love Trader Joe’s – and who doesn’t love an easy meal plan? I wrote up this simple Trader Joe’s meal plan when my family and I were on a strict budget. I needed to keep my costs low – but I also wanted to be able to shop at Trader Joe’s. If you know anything about this favorite store – you know it’s hard to not buy EVERYTHING in the whole store! So – keep reading to see how my husband and I keep our Trader Joe’s grocery list under $50!

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Now on to the The Trader Joe’s Menu Plan!

This Trader Joe’s Menu Plan is pretty easy to use!  Just download the spreadsheet at the bottom of the post – and it gives you everything you need. 

Just as a caveat – these prices are likely to fluctuate. These were the prices listed at my local store, but there is a possibility that items are priced differently at your store. Please leave any comments if you find discrepancies in any of these items!

Quick links to these dinner recipes:

Quick links to these dinner recipes:

Watch this video to see how I make the stuffed peppers:


Trader Joe's Meal Plan and Grocery List - Under $50 - Click for free download