Hello Trader Joe’s friends!  I want to welcome you to my blog, A Modern Commonplace Book. Thanks so much for finding this little menu plan I wrote up.:) Interested in menu plans, favorite products or tips for a simple life? Read more about my blog here!

Just so you know, I also co-wrote a 20 week menu plan – which keeps your weekly grocery list to fewer than 20 ingredients. The menu plan is non-scheduled – it just gives you 5 dinner recipes you can use anytime that week.

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and get these emailed to you every week FOR FREE! Every Thursday I will email your meal plan to you – so you don’t need to remember anything! Each week comes complete with a printable grocery list and set of recipes! Yay for making life more simple.

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Now on to the The Trader Joe’s Menu Plan!

This Trader Joe’s Menu Plan is pretty easy to use!  Just download the following spreadsheet and it gives you everything you need.  I am including the link below.  If you want it broken down even more, just keep reading! Also, all my recipes can be found here. There are a ton – more than are just in this menu plan. Enjoy!

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A little taste of dinner…