I’ve been cutting back on the number of shows I watch on a weekly basis.  This is partly because I have been super busy – but partly because some of my favorites were canceled far too early.  Sometimes I want to yell at my screen, “Really?  This got canceled so Big Brother can keep running?”  (Sorry to all Big Brother fans out there!)

I just hate it when I have to say good-bye to a favorite cast.

Here is a little tribute to my 5 favorite tv shows that ended too early!

1.  Pan Am

I just really loved this show.  I loved the characters.  I loved the fashion.  I loved the throwback to the 60’s.  I loved the travel.  I changed the way I carry my bag because of this show.  No joke.  It was smashing, y’all!  It was sadly cancelled after only 14 episodes.


2.  Firefly

I am not a sci-fi lover, yet I love this show.  Maybe it’s the cross between Western Cowboys and Space Travel.  Maybe it’s their awesome ship.  But, it’s probably just Nathan Fillion.  I love this show.  It was cancelled after 3 months, and not even the movie was enough to bring it back.


3.  Lie To Me

This show was genius.  It lasted three seasons, but was in its prime!  I loved the idea of a crime-fighting mystery without the typical cops, detectives, and guns.  I find myself “reading” people’s micro-expressions because of this show.


4.  Life

Sigh.  Damien Lewis.  This show was so good.  It was a little slow at parts, but the stellar cast kept it going.  You can find it on Netflix – it is worth a watch!  This show made it two seasons.  Why not more?!?


5.  Smash

I still watch episodes of this show, listen to all the music on Spotify, send out random tweets to the show, and find myself so sad that it’s over!  Two seasons was not enough!   I know the plot was overly complicated, but the music SO GOOD.  Better than Glee, y’all.  So good.


So, there is my little rant mourning older shows.  Let me know which shows of yours were cut short!  I might need to start watching one of them…


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