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About ten years ago, my friend Priscilla shared with me something that she learned in Seminary.  Since then, this has been something that I keep coming back to – in order to improve my time management!  She explained to me that all things can be broken down in four categories:

Urgent & Important // Urgent & Not Important
Not Urgent & Important // Not Urgent & Not Important

I have never forgotten this. I actually have the hand-drawn chart she made for me still in a box somewhere. I think this is a striking idea. If everything can be broken down into these four categories, than there must be an objective way to view everything in life. What I have found, as I have looked through my own life, is that I have a very skewed view of these four ideas. Here are some of my thoughts.

Urgent and Important

This should be the most important category.  It is generally reserved for required things (work, scheduled events) and crisis.  This is the category that makes us uncomfortable.  I think we try to minimize these events in our daily lives.  Ultimately, we should allow more time for these important things.

Urgent and Not Important

We spend a lot of time here.  This might include emails, internet & scheduling.  These are general interruptions – things that stop us from reaching our goals.  How much time do we spend on things that are not important?

Not Urgent and Important

This category should get more attention – and yet we ignore it.  If its not urgent (no deadline!) then are we really going to work hard on it?  This should include long-term projects, to-do lists, learning skills & education – these are our goals!

Not Urgent and Not Important

This is where we spend all our free time.  From TV & movies to all social media.  These are our time-wasters.  Really?  We find all this time for things not urgent and not important?  Where are our priorities, people?

This is pretty convicting.

I know I need to do better – so this is a general call to action!  Who is with me?  Who wants to re-evaluate their priorities?  Let’s do this together!

To help us out, I made a free desktop wallpaper for you!  Just download this baby and organize all your crazy desktop icons and to-do items on it.  Maybe this will get us one step closer to better time management!

1600x1200 Urgent&Important

Download Desktop Wallpaper Here

I can’t wait for you to meet someone so awesome!

Sarah over at Oh, the Things I Think has a blog full of beautiful photos and travel goodies.  I am officially jealous because she is currently taking a birthday trip through France and England – and is scattering beautiful photos around her blog!  Check out this birthday treat of eating macaroon under the Eiffel TowerNot fair.  A great post to get to know Sarah is her first Blogtember post:  Becoming Me.  She also creates for her Etsy shop on the side.  She makes beautiful button thumbtacks for the office-DIY-organizer!  If you love organizing, check these out at her Etsy shop!  Here is a little about her:

I am a Kiwi expat currently residing in the great State of Texas. By day I am a tinkering geologist and by night I like to blog and craft. I like to blog about life here in Houston with my husband, exploring America, my obsessive love for dresses, wedding DIY and anything beautiful I come across. I also like to laugh. A lot. So every now and then I post something that has me cracking up.
I love to blog about my expat life, vintage dresses, amateur photography, life happening and Etsy shopping!

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