I remember being a religious Goody hair brush buyer – especially the round kind with hard plastic bristles.  I believed for years that round brushes would give me curls – and bought one year after year.  About 3 1/2 years ago, I became aware of the “boar bristle” hair brush craze, and decided to try it myself.

I wanted to try the brush out on the cheap – so I found the Diane Wave Bristle Brush on Amazon for $3.99.  Yes, $3.99!  I have now had this brush for 3 1/2 years, and still love it.  These are my top 5 reasons why I love my boar bristle hair brush.

**Update I’ve now had this brush for over FIVE years – and its still going strong! I REALLY love it!**

  1. The boar bristle hair brush makes my hair super soft.  Remember women brushing their hair for hours in old movies?  You know, when they sit in front of the fire and brush their long tresses with over 100 strokes?  Well, they would use a boar bristle brush that would make their hair super soft.  I don’t brush for a certain number of strokes, but I do love how soft this brush makes my hair!
  2. The boar bristle hair brush removes oil from my hair – while conditioning each strand.  Boar bristles are known to move the scalp’s natural oils down the shaft of each hair and condition the strand at the same time.  I love how my hair seems less oily with this brush – and if it is conditioning each strand at the same time – awesome!
  3. The boar bristle hair brush removes fizz.  I have very frizzy hair – especially in the morning – and this brush removes the frizz and softens my hair.
  4. The boar bristle hair brush stimulates my scalp.  I love feeling clean and well taken-care of.  Remember my love of the body brush?  Well this hair brush is like that for my scalp.  It brushes, cleans, and keeps my scalp healthy!
  5. Lastly, the boar bristle hair brush lasts forever!  I’ve never had a hair brush last this long.  It still looks new – and hasn’t once lost a bristle.  It was a great $3.99 buy 3 1/2 years ago!