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Looking for ways to clean your empty candle jars – and reuse them? Or better yet – melt down the wax to make new candles! For 2 easy steps – keep reading!

I have a weakness for Yankee Candles.  I know they are cliche and expensive, but I have yet to find another brand that lives up to Yankee’s standard.  Call me a brand snob, I can take it.  A typical mall date for me and my husband will inevitably find us in the Yankee Candle Store smelling things.  It’s true.  We have a list of candle scents that we will buy once they go on sale.  And, that picture in the top left corner is my current candle collection – except now it has five candles in it total.

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Sad, I know.

Just for the record, I never buy them full price.  I wait until they are at least 50% off.  Oftentimes I can find them cheaper at other stores.  (One time I bought one at Ulta with a gift card I had.  Don’t judge.  I get more excited about candles than I do a new mascara.)

If you are looking for candle sales – always make sure you check out their sales online! I always can find sales for 50% off!

This addiction of mine leaves me with MANY used candle jars over the course of a year.  I hate to just throw them away, so here are some tricks I have to clean out your Yankee Candle jars!  I love using the beautiful clean Yankee Candle jars for other organization purposes. Never know what to do with old candle jars? Read on!

(Yankee Candle, if you are listening, I would totally be down for a recycling program that gives me a discount for every jar I turn back in!  That, or a Candle of the Month club…)

clean and reuse your candle jars


I wait until I have at least four used jars and I melt them down and create one new candle.  Brilliant, right?  This is what you need:

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  • 3-4 used Candle Jars
  • 1 clean Candle Jar (you can make this with #2 – CLEAN THOSE JARS OUT – down below)
  • Wicks (I like #3 wicks like these)
  1. Cut a wick and tape it to the bottom of your clean jar.  Tape works just fine – you don’t need the wick bottom thingys.  Wrap it around a pencil laid on top of the jar (see above photo).  Cut and tape the other end of the wick (after wrapping it around the pencil) to the outside of the jar.
  2. Boil a pot of water and place the first candle in the pot.  Let it boil until the wax is completely melted.  BTW, your house will smell amazing!
  3. When it is melted, hold the jar with a pot holder, and pour the wax around your new wick.  You don’t need to remove the old wick or strain it.  That stuff won’t really pour out.  Set old jar aside.
  4. Let wax harden a bit.  I have found that Yankee Candle wax hardens much faster than other brands.  But this works for all candles!
  5. While it is hardening, start melting your next candle.
  6. Repeat with all candles.  Each layer will harden so you have a layered colored candle!
  7. When you are done, let it completely harden over night and cut the wick.  You have a new candle!


When you are done with melting them down, you still have used jars with some wax bits in them!

Heat up more boiling water and fill the old jars to the brim.  Let them sit until cold.  The old wax and pieces will melt, come to the surface, and re-harden into a little wax disk.  When it is cool, just pull that old wax out!

You can repeat this step twice if necessary.  At this point, there will still be some junk in the jars.  I used steel wool, Dawn dish soap, and some elbow grease to scrape and clean those jars out.  It took some time, but it works.  Also – try using some rubbing alcohol!  Test out the glass – and apply with a cotton ball. 

To get the soot off, use a Magic Eraser!

I soak the jars and use more Dawn dish soap to remove those labels.  Give it enough time, and they will be clean and spotless. **Update – I most recently used Denatured Alcohol for this and it worked best.**


Yankee Candle Jar DIY and Makeup Organization

These old jars are perfect for bathroom or garage organization.  Use them for cotton balls, Q-Tips, or try out my idea for Makeup Organization!  See the post here!

Let me know if you have any ideas for other uses!

Have empty Yankee Candle jars?  Here is a guide to cleaning out those jars so you have beautiful clean glass jars! 2 Easy Steps to Clean Your Candle Jars to Make New Candles!