Hey friend. Looking for some quarantine resources that bring joy?

Then join me! Let’s keep this list updated with the best tips and resources for work at home moms. Make sure you bookmark it!

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Keep those kids happy (and quiet)

Homeschool Craft Cart

Under $40 here!

Every mom needs a go-to homeschool kid-friendly craft cart.

This is my favorite option. We have a cart like this that I love to pull out and create craft, school, toy stations. Very accessible for kids. Pretty enough for your home!

Kidkraft Play Kitchen

See the latest discounts here

This play kitchen is another awesome toy that my daughter plays with for hours. I love the freedom it gives me to work while she occupies herself with independent play.

We also bought her this play food from Melissa and Doug – and she loves to make me “chicken muffin pies” all day. Win-win!

Fisher-Price Jumparoo

It’s always on sale here.

This is the activity I transition my babies to at about 4 months. They love the independence, the bouncing and the songs.

And I love the long periods of time I can use to work!

This is the perfect toy if you need to put your baby down – without them rolling under the table.

Definitely recommend!

Melissa and Doug Easel

Super cheap here!

If you are looking for a cheap, tabletop easel – look no further! This Melissa and Doug easel has a white board, chalkboard, a roll of craft paper and magnetic letters.

My daughter loves it and it occupies her for long periods of time. And, it folds up to store!

Wipe-Clean Preschool Workbook

Under $7 here

Looking for an educational activity that is fun? This wipe-clean workbook is simple, educational – and fun that can be used over and over again.

KiwiCo Kid Activities

Use LEARN for a 15% discount

I know you’ve probably heard about the KiwiCo subscription company from all the bloggers – but there is a reason why it is so popular.

My husband started buying this for our daughter over a year ago. We pay for it with our own pennies. This is not sponsored.

The subscription is great because it uses the STEM process (science, technology, engineering, math) to give you smart, hands-on activities to do with your child. They have awesome boxes that are age-appropriate for all ages.

This is the PERFECT resource when you just need some help with your kids. You can even get just ONE BOX (no subscription necessary.)

I also love keeping all the boxes so I have a supply of activities I can rotate year-round.

Use LEARN for a 15% discount

The work-at-home-mom office

baby gate for at home office

The ultimate baby gate

Every mom needs this baby gate.

We bought this baby gate when my daughter started to move – and it allowed me to watch her and work!

This awesome system has removable panels – and encloses 19 square feet.

It can attach to walls, and enclose a large area for free play.

See how I set this baby gate up here!

Anti-fatigue Foam Mat

Super cheap option here!

When I first started planning ou play area near my desk, I knew I needed a foam floor mat to cover our hardwood floors. But, if you have checked Amazon lately, they can be almost $100!

Those pretty jigsaw foam play mats were just not worth it to me. I was mentioning this to my husband, and he promptly said, “You can get those for your tool shed super cheap!”

And he was RIGHT.

See how we set it up it here!

best work at home offices

The best coffee mug period.

Because your coffee gets cold 10 times a day.

Hear me out. I am not a Yeti snob. I could care less who makes this. But – it is hands-down the ONLY coffee mug I use.

Personally, I don’t like drink travel mugs normally because they always have a weird aftertaste. Not this one. The coffee stays hot all day and tastes just as good the 10th hour.

It doesn’t spill. Ever. Perfect for over carpet, in living spaces, near computers…

I have a gorgeous cabinet full of beautiful mugs. And I use this one every time.

You can believe the 10,000 reviews here. It’s so good.

The perfect non-sound-deadening Bluetooth headphones

Amazon best-seller price here

When I was breastfeeding my daughter, I wanted pair of Bluetooth headphones that were not sound-deadening. I wanted to watch episodes of Friends at 3 am – but also hear my daughter.

My husband is the ultimate researcher and found these for me. And let me tell you, they are the best. More comfortable than my Bose headphones, and they hold a charge over 15 hours!

I love them SO MUCH…highly recommend.

Also – they are super cheap on Amazon here.

Car Adaptor with Plug

Buy this if you are going on a trip

I work a lot in the car. If we are taking a road trip, my husband will drive and I work.

This car adaptor is perfect for keeping my laptop plugged in for hours upon hours.

I love how easy it is to keep in my work bag – and how much flexibility it gives me. It is also good for keeping your phone charged.

A total must-have!

6 ft. long iPhone charger

Under $10 here!

I don’t what mom can function on the short charger that comes with new phones. A 6 foot charger is a necessity for every mom.

This one is super cheap, and has lasted me though years of trips, hotel nights, times in the hospital – and all those days string across the play room.

If you are having a baby soon, you definitely need this in your hospital bag!

See all my other hospital bag recommendations here.

Don’t forget your self care

Get that mom hair

Always on sale here!

THIS is how I get it all done. I cannot rave about this mom hack enough.

This Revlon One-Step hair dryer has shortened my hair prep from about 30 minutes to about 10 – from wet hair!

Also – I can wash my hair at night and use this to completely do my hair in the morning. I’ve always wanted to be able to skip morning showers!

You have to check out Amazon’s over 8,000 near perfect reviews. It is the product of the year.

The Best Ways to Work From Home - Tips from Years of Experience with Le Tote

New clothes without shopping

Get your first Le Tote box free.

Get new clothes that you love sent to your door – without buying.

With Le Tote, you rent their clothes for a month – with an unlimited number of boxes per month. This is an excellent service for working moms who don’t have time to shop.

If you are pregnant – their maternity boxes are AWESOME! I made sure to rent some dresses for baby showers and nicer events. Also – I loved receiving new jewelry and accessories when I felt fat and uncomfortable!

See my full review here!

Take a break, listen to a book

Get 2 free Audible downloads here.

We are all too much in our heads nowadays. Take a break. Take a bath. Listen to a book. For free.

It feels wonderful.

Your Quarantine Kitchen

My favorite slow cooker

The easiest, most faithful cooker

Slow Cooker Liners

Stock up here!

My favorite Rice Cooker

Auto-pilot your rice.

EveryPlate Meal Delivery

Boxes start at only $4.99 a serving.

I have always been hesitant to try a meal kit subscription. But, now that groceries are difficult with the recent quarentine, I am SO GLAD I have EveryPlate delivering every week.

EveryPlate’s servings are only $4.99 each – and each meal we have gotten is incredibly filling and delicious.

They can keep the costs down because they use minimal packaging – which I love!

You can get your first box here at their super low price. It is worth every penny!

The Best Ways to Work From Home - Amazon Subscribe and Save

Amazon Subscribe and Save

Check out the deals here.

You remember the recent Toilet Paper Fiasco? Well…

I get my toilet paper every month with Amazon Subscribe and Save. And, I had this month’s supply ordered months ago.

But, by the time my order was to be delivered, Amazon had already sold out of all TP. ALL OF IT.

I was so worried that I wouldn’t get my subscription, even though I paid months ago.

Guess what? I got it. Even though Amazon was sold out.

I also get diapers with Subscribe and Save. If you have Amazon Family, you can save up to 20% off on diapers and baby products!

I recommend both for total piece of mind.

WalMart Grocery Pickup/Delivery

Use the code WOWFRESH for $10 off your first order.

Don’t go in the store. Get your groceries put in your car.

Just order your groceries online – and then pick them up in your free time – with everyone staying in the car. 🙌

Use the code WOWFRESH for $10 off your first order.

Start a blog, earn more money

Looking for ways to update your blog design that just take a few minutes? Check out my free checklist here and get 50 EASY ways to update and improve your blog right now!

Genesis Framework and Themes

Get the basic package here!

If you are a blogger, you probably have checked out HUNDREDS of free and paid themes for your site. Look no further!

I love the Genesis themes the most – because they are strong, and completely updated and reliable, and have the best support. Start here if you are looking for a good theme.

Bigscoots Hosting

Their basic plan here is the cheapest I’ve ever seen.

I have used 4 different hosts – and have also been a blog developer who worked with more than 10 different hosts. Hands down, my favorite is BigScoots.

Their support is outstanding. Their plans are incredibly reasonable and FAST. I can’t recommend them enough.

Definitely check them out before you look for competitive dedication server hosting plans with other companies. When I recently moved over to their host (for 1/3 of what my previous host charged), they sent me a report showing that my site increased by 67%. That’s insane – and incredibly good support.


Get your COMPLETELY FREE plan here!

Looking for a robust and easy-to-understand email marketing system? I have tried a few – and no other email marketing system works as well as ConvertKit.

Their automations do everything for me – and also allow me to respect and not spam my subscribers. Instead I can customize my emails according to what my readers are interested in. I also have much higher open rates than I did with other marketers.

Get your COMPLETELY FREE plan here!

Don’t forget to remember things


Get $10 off your first book here.

Baby albums what? Family photo albums? Who really has the time.

Im obsessed with these little books because I can connect my computer, upload my favorite photos and within an hour send them to all our favorite people.

No scrapbooking. No printing photos. Just tiny little photo books to remind you of your people.

See how I format these here.

The One Line a Day Journal

Start using this TOMORROW!

I discovered this One-a-Day journal a few years back – and bought it on a whim.

Since then it has become my favorite way to journal memories and events.

Before you go to bed, you write one sentence about the day. You do this every night – and then after a year you repeat the same process for a new year. I love looking back on last year to see what happened “this time last year”.

I am now on my third year – and I can’t tell you how precious knowing these memories has been. I hate that I didn’t do this years before to keep those memories.

Here are some other ways to use it.

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens

Get a pack of 6 for under $7 here.

These are my favorite pens period. I buy a new pack every few months. They are the perfect felt pen that doesn’t bleed through paper.

I have tried hundreds of pens – these win hands-down!

Work at Home Resources for A Quarantine