HELLO! It’s been awhile so I thought I would stop by and just let you know what’s going on! I am excited to join Mel for the What’s Up Wednesday? Link-Up. Make sure you link up your site too!


Here’s what has been going on over here…

What We’re Eating This Week:

This week our kitchen has this amazing fresh banana bread ready for the eating. It’s so good! I’m talking breakfast, lunch, snack and dessert good.


RECIPE (and Image) HERE

What I’m Reminiscing About:

We went on a cruise a few months ago. And I can’t remember a more perfect time! I check the Royal Carribean website daily in case there are ever any free cruises for the taking…you never know. Haha.


What I’m Loving:

I am currently loving my new iphone dock on my night stand. It’s the little things that make me happy :).

iphone belkin dock

What We’ve Been Up To:

I went to visit my brother in Louisiana and helped him hang a gallery wall of photos on his newly-purchased home’s wall. This is the second time I’ve helped someone hang photos when I go visit. You should have me over sometime :).

What I’m Dreading:

I can’t think of anything – can you imagine that? Maybe I am just happier than I realized! Haha.

What I’m Working On:

I am working on improving my health. I’ve been working out every day (read all about it here) and my husband and I have been drinking beet juice every night. If you are actually reading this post, and actually are paying attention, then I know you won’t be able to close the page until you comment and ask me, “WHY THE BEET JUICE?!?!” I promise I will write about it soon :). Or I’ll answer in the comments!

What I’m Excited About:

I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT MY COUSIN’S BABY. First baby in the fam – super pumped!

What I’m Watching/Reading:

I am still in love with The Good Wife and am obsessed with Elsbeth Tascioni. Any other fans out there? Oh, and I am reading everything by Maria Menounos.


What I’m Listening To:

Every night I pump Katy Perry on my kitchen speakers and dance like crazy. Or some Bon Jovi. It depends on the mood :).

What I’m Wearing:

I have been wearing my new favorite loafers A LOT. These babies are from Michael Kors – but I got them on Amazon for under $50. LOVE them so much!

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 11.37.06 AM

What I’m Doing This Weekend:

I will be doing well if I make it to the grocery store :). That and work – do some web design installs – and just hang with my husband. Sounds ideal.

What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month:

I just found out that I get Memorial Day off. Woot woot. Can’t think of anything better than that right now :).

What Else Is New:

Again I tell you: I AM DRINKING BEET JUICE. Comment away :).