Tomorrow marks my 4 month blogging month-iversary. Really?  Only four months?  That’s crazy.  Why didn’t I start this sooner?  I have been asked a lot about why I started blogging, and every time, my answer changes.  All my reasons are true – and they all say something about me. I thought I would give you a little insight into why I love it so much here in blogland.

I have always loved reading blogs.  I have read them for years.  I didn’t know about Google Reader – or about RSS – and I didn’t even bookmark the pages.  I would just type fullnameofblogandpartofurl into Google every time I wanted to catch up.  Sometimes I would check a blog every few minutes in case they posts a hundred times that day.  Oh well, I am sure I gave them great page views!

I LOVE to write.  I am not a good writer – and I often just write random things off the top of my head – but every time I have a long-term writing project, I love it!  I once wrote a super long essay on Teaching Latin in Schools (I was a Latin teach for four years, did I mention that?) and it was published in a well known Classical School Newsletter (yeah – as well known as Classical School Newsletters are).  It was my pride and joy!  If you are in any way interested in teaching Latin, I’ll send you a copy.

I am not a shopaholic with closets full of makeup.  But, when I find that one mascara that changes my life, I have to tell someone!  I feel like this blog is where I can randomly shout “It’s the best mascara EVER!”

I am super social.  When I was homeschooled (have I mentioned that?  Maybe I should write about that someday…) I took a few online classes with forums and chat rooms, etc.  I loved it because I had hundreds of friends all over the country.  This is kind of like that – a whole world of real friends.  I am starting to sound like an awkward un-socialized homeschooler.  I promise.  I am nothing like that!

I needed a hobby.  My husband is in grad school and spends all his time tied to his homework.  So, what do I do?  I hang around – bug him – ask him how it’s going – bring him more food – and – I really needed a hobby!

I LOVE to learn.  Really.  When I find something new that intrigues me, I spend HOURS researching it to death.  I have spent more time these last 4 months researching and learning EVERYTHING I can about web designing, CSS and HTML, and everything else.  I love it.  Sometimes I look up and it is 3 am and I am on my 30th tab open on my computer.  Yes.  I am a little addicted.

Right now I need to learn how to speed this site UP!  I am sorry it is SO slow.  I’ll work on it tonight :).