I have mentioned several times that I am in love with all things British.  I have recently been on a “I just want tea and crumpets” kick, so I have decided to let you into a few of my British secrets :).

You know you are an Anglophile when…


Trip to Scotland, December 2013

1.  I buy Digestives from World Market.  Yes, I know they cost about 300% more than if you bought them at Sainsbury’s, but it’s worth it :).

2.  I frequent Nameberry for lists of British baby names.  (We’ve already established that I am obsessed with baby names…).

3.  I read What Kate Wore every day.

4.  My formal china is Wedgewood Old Britain Castles.  Or, like we call it around my house, just “Castles”.



5.  When I was dating my husband and found out he owned Blackadder, I called my British study abroad friend, and she informed me he was “marriagable”.

6.  I am obsessed with Hugh Laurie.

7.  I have a TIN of Lady Grey tea at my house.

8.  I watch A&E’s Miniseries Pride and Prejudice about once a year.  (Only $10.99 on Amazon – what?)

9.  When we visited Scotland last year, we went down to Lyme Park in the Peak District.  If you know P&P at all, you know this is, and forever will be, Pemberly.  I was so overwhelmed and tearful that I couldn’t talk for hours, and my brothers thought I was mad at them.  I couldn’t even walk up onto the stairs, because they are pretty much sacred.

pemberley-darcys-dash via

10.  I search for jobs for my husband on the UK site.

11.  My house is full of British knick-knacks: little phone booths, maps of the the Tube, and my newest favorite – a Union Jack tea towel.


Study Abroad in Oxford, 2005

12.  I just realized that I am wearing Burberry.

13.  When we watched The King’s Speech, I was secretly happy when Jennifer Ehle’s character was introduced to Colin Firth’s character: “I believe you two have met…”

14.  I am kinda crazy about British shows, actors, and movie locations.

15.  Oh, and I have been to the UK three times – and am always planning the next trip!

16.  My favorite current giveaway is from Keep Calm and Blog On, and it is a Royal Giveaway – of all things British!

Royal+Giveaway+008There are so many other things…this is just a little taste :).